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Acid Bunny

Acid Bunny is a great online game that takes you to the world of rabbits. Explore new lands and help prevent fellow rabbits from becoming addicted.

Acid Bunny Unblocked Games 76

Prepare for a wild ride because Acid Bunny isn't your average platformer. This psychedelic adventure throws you into a bizarre world where a guilt-ridden rabbit named Bun Bun must grapple with the consequences of his drug-fueled past.


Acid-drenched Platforming: Navigate mind-bending landscapes that morph and shift as you move, defying gravity and perception. Imagine Mario tripping through Salvador Dali's paintings, and you're halfway there.

Bunny with Benefits: Collect power-ups that alter Bun Bun's form, granting him new abilities like bunny-coptering, carrot-shooting, and even transforming into a hulking beast.

Friend or Foe?: Encounter other trippy denizens of this world, some friendly, some hostile. Be wary of the carrot-snatching squirrels and befriend the chill-looking walking mushrooms for a helpful boost.

Dark Secrets: Unravel the twisted story of Bun Bun's past through scattered memories and environmental clues. Be prepared for some dark humour and disturbing imagery; this ain't no children's cartoon.


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press A to throw a carrot.

Tips for playing Acid Bunny

  • Embrace the Chaos: Don't get frustrated by the unpredictable environments. Learn to flow with the trippy changes and use them to your advantage.
  • Experiment with Power-Ups: Each transformation offers unique abilities. Find the one that suits your playstyle and the challenge at hand.
  • Collect Those Carrots: They're not just for snacking! Carrots are your currency, used to unlock new areas and power-ups.