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Fishing Clicker 3D

About Fishing Clicker 3D

Fishing Clicker 3D is a fun idle game. Players will catch many different species of fish in the ocean. The more fish you catch, the more money you make.

We have introduced to gamers a game of the same genre called Capybara Clicker 2. The game received a lot of positive feedback and was highly recommended. Therefore, Fishing Clicker 3D will be the next product with the hope of also meeting user needs. This is a fun game but very easy to play, so it is suitable for all players.

Mastering Fishing Clicker 3D

Rules of the game

With your passion for fishing, you went to the beach alone for entertainment. Here, you accidentally catch many different species of fish, even rare fish species with very high prices, as well as large fish. From there, you start fishing as a business.

The more fish you catch, the more money you will sell. After leveling up, Fishing Clicker 3D will upgrade your boat. It will be bigger and stronger. At that time, players can buy additional fishermen to accompany them on trips to sea. The more you click, the greater your fishing speed and the fish you catch. Thanks to that, increase your income.

Fishing Clicker 3D's upgrade

Similar to many other Clicker games, this idle fishing game also gives you options to upgrade. These choices will help you improve your performance. But to upgrade, you also need enough money.

  • Buy Fisherman: Helps increase productivity during work
  • Merge Fisherman: Optimize positions on the boat, thereby improving productivity
  • Fishing Speed: Allows fishermen to fish faster
  • Income: Increases the income from each fish
  • Luck: Increases fishermen's chances of catching valuable fish
  • Sometimes, large fish will appear. Click on it to capture, and it will help you increase your income many times.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

Developer: Blacktabb Games