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Cars: Lightning Speed

Cars: Lightning Speed is a fun racing game. You can control your car to participate in breathtaking races and seek the championship. Good luck!

About Cars: Lightning Speed

Have you ever seen Disney's famous animated movie Lightning McQueen? This movie was extremely successful, famous, and loved by kids and people around the world. Therefore, there are many game makers inspired by it to create great games, and Cars: Lightning Speed is one of them.

This game will take you to interesting racing tracks, don't miss it!

Join in Races of Cars: Lightning Speed

Conquer the racetrack

In this addictive game, you will choose a supercar, name it, and prepare to participate in the game's racing tracks. Here, you need to confront many different opponents. All of them are skilled and experienced riders. To have a chance to conquer the first place, you need to concentrate and drive skillfully. That not only helps you collect necessary items but also avoids hitting dangerous obstacles.

Items on the track

Cars: Lightning Speed has many different racing tracks. You can participate and enjoy the appeal of each track. They are designed to be quite eye-catching. Sometimes, they are lush green forests, and sometimes, they are splendid, luxurious urban areas. While racing, don't forget to pay attention to the items on the track. They are divided into two types: beneficial and harmful.

  • Beneficial: These items are toolboxes and lightning bolts. Collecting boxes can help you earn more coins or accumulate energy to use turbo. Meanwhile, the only effect of lightning bolts is to help you speed up when used.
  • Harmful: They are obstacles that will cause your vehicle to slow down or obscure your vision. Avoid hitting them!

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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