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Temple Run

Temple Run - An Exciting Running Game

The game's description

Temple Run is an online running game. It can be considered a legendary game of this type. You must run and jump over all the obstacles to get a high score.

In this game, you will be a runner who is an archaeologist. By chance, while exploring an ancient temple in a strange land, you got lost in the land of cannibals. To escape from scary monsters, you need to exit this dangerous land. Try your best to run as far as you can!


When you start, you will instantly understand what is happening in this game. You are running out from a temple, and a monster is chasing you. Run, run, and run are all the things you need to do at that time. Those monsters won't stop chasing you. If you don't hurry up, you will be captured by them.

This strange land is also perilous, with unstable bridges, even broken in many parts. In addition, there are many rivers, streams, tunnels, and dangerous obstacles here. As a stranger to the land, you will naturally face more difficulties. Therefore, pay attention to them so you don't fall and get carried away. The farther you run, the higher your score and chances of receiving power-ups and coins.

Booties in Temple Run

While playing Temple Run, power-ups will occasionally appear to help you. Collect them and make them easy to use when really needed. If you overuse these items, you may be eliminated early because you need help to support you when things get complicated. Also, remember to collect coins everywhere you run across. They will help you a lot.

Here are some of Temple Run's booties:

  • The magic shield helps players run through all obstacles without having an accident.
  • Acceleration helps players escape monsters when they are coming.
  • x2 helps you double the coins collected while playing the game.

Guide to playing the game


  • Use the left/ right keys to steer.
  • Use the up key to jump up.
  • Use the down key to slide.

Hopefully, these concise instructions can help you control the game easily and have the best game experience possible. This is an engaging game. Enjoy it now!

Shopping in Temple Run

This running game allows you and all the players to change your characters. It's just that you see a character you've played for too long or another character is more beautiful in the game store. The opportunity to unlock new characters is fair. Any player can change their character if they have enough coins to do so. The more novel and attractive the characters are, the more coins they require. But it's probably a worthy purchase. Just by playing the game focused, you can achieve this.

That is also a motivation for players to focus more and have better reflexes when playing Temple Run. Because then, you can collect more coins without any danger. Good luck!

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