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Stick Merge

What is Stick Merge?

Stick Merge is a shooting game. In which, players will be a stickman who needs to merge guns to fight against a lot of others. Can you win alone?

This game is for gamers who love action games, especially shooting type of games. The game allows players to become a professional and brave shooter. I train myself to stay steadfast and make decisions quickly but accurately. If you can do that, you won't need to worry about being destroyed.

Stick Merge Instructions

Game rules

Coming to Stick Merge, you need to complete the mission of a mercenary. There is a criminal gang that needs to be destroyed and you are hired to do it. Your mission is to quickly destroy all members of that criminal gang. Standing in the opposite building, you will use your most powerful guns to aim at the target and destroy them.

However, things are not easy. The enemy has many members, they are even equipped with advanced weapons from the beginning. Besides, each member is assigned a clear position, they even have snipers. Therefore, you definitely have to be careful. Will you successfully complete the task?


The way to control mercenaries in Stick Merge is very simple. Players just need to use the mouse and point the viewfinder at the enemy to shoot the gun and hit them. In addition, you need to press R to reload continuously.

Why Call It The Stick Merge game?

Yes. As mentioned, from the beginning the enemy has much more advanced equipment than you. They have rifles, bolt guns, etc while you just have a normal gun. Furthermore, with each level, they will be further upgraded, and there will be more enemies. Therefore, you also need to be equipped with better weapons to confront them.

So, how? Let's merge the guns. After the matches, as soon as you receive bonus coins, you can use them to buy simple guns. Then, merge those same guns to form better guns. Thanks to that, you increase your winning rate across levels. Merging weapons is the key to giving you the opportunity to upgrade yourself and win. That's why the game is called Stick Merge!

Game Store

In addition to purchasing guns, players also have other options in Stick Merge's store. You can reward yourself with beautiful items, making your character look more trendy and interesting. Here, items such as hats, scarves, or masks are always available. The dishes will be divided into two categories which are basic and epic items. And of course, items in the epic cart will be more expensive.

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