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What is the FNAF Game?

FNAF is an interesting horror game. As a store attendant, your duty is to observe and ensure the safety of yourself and the store for five nights.

FNAF is the abbreviation for Five Nights at Freddy's, produced by Scott Cawthon in the United States. This game series has been a big hit since its release with its attractive gameplay mechanics. Let's start the game and explore!

Instructions for Playing FNAF

Information you need to know about the game

Participating in the game, you will be a store security officer. This pizza shop is extremely famous and is a favorite destination for kids. However, recently there have been strange rumors about the store. Accordingly, every night the store makes strange sounds. Therefore, the owner hired you to take care of the pizza shop. You will be a seasonal employee, working for 5 nights. If by Friday night, you are still safe, then you are the winner.


Every night, toy robots roam the store. They go everywhere and make dark sounds. Players will sit in the security office to observe them, trying not to let them detect them. To help you have a more enjoyable gaming experience and have a greater chance of winning, FNAF provides you with useful equipment.

  • You will have cameras to observe every corner of the store.
  • Use a flashlight for lighting.
  • Masks in the FNAF game will help you disguise yourself from dangerous toys.
  • There are also many other devices. Make good use of them to ensure your own safety.

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