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Horde Killer: You vs 100

About Horde Killer: You vs 100

Horde Killer: You vs 100 is an exciting shooting game. Use melee and ranged weapons to destroy all one hundred monsters that are killing you.

This is a great game for gamers who like intense and fast action. Just like other action games, either you live and win, or the enemy wins. What will happen to you?

Show Your Shooting Skills in Horde Killer: You vs 100

Content of the game

Perhaps you have already guessed some of the game's content. Yes, in each battle, you will face a hundred enemies. You're right. It's just you and a hundred monsters brought to a platform, where they'll all see you as their sole target. To win, you need to defeat them all.

Don't worry. Even though you're alone, Horde Killer: You vs 100 equips you with at least 3 basic guns and grenades. Meanwhile, the other monsters will have no weapons. With a limited number of bullets, players need to devise a reasonable strategy for each battle to quickly defeat each enemy.

How to play

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press R to reload
  • Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to change weapons
  • Press G to switch to using grenades
  • Click the mouse to shoot or throw grenades
  • Press the space bar to somersault or climb

In the battle of Horde Killer: You vs 100, players need to shoot at their enemies and destroy them all to level up. You own a pistol, an AK gun, and a shotgun. In addition, you can win more easily if you own advanced weapons with larger damage, such as grenade guns or machine guns. To get these guns, players need to accumulate cash and unlock them in the game's store.

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