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Run 3

About Run 3

Run 3 is known as an attractive running game. Alien monsters are exploring space. Your mission is to help him by not letting him fall into space.

As a companion to the main character in the game. Will you complete the goals? The game's track is very special, it is composed of multi-colored platforms. Among them, gray is the most special because just entering an area of this color will automatically break and put you at risk of being eliminated from the game. Besides gray, all other colors are safe. good luck!

Features of the game Run 3

Three game modes

The game offers two quite familiar modes in the Running Game genre, but no less interesting. They are Adventure and Infinite Modes. These two modes are quite clearly different. Adventure Mode is where players conquer Run 3 through each level. The main color of the game tracks also changes with each level. Meanwhile, Infinite Mode gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game unlimitedly without any levels or destinations interrupting your experience. In addition, there is Online Mode, an extremely special mode that helps you battle with other online players.


Run 3 is not only interesting in gameplay and diverse in game modes but also interesting in characters. The game provides cards containing mysterious characters. If, at first, you go with an alien monster, then you can later play the game with an adorable chick. To unlock these characters, players need to conquer certain levels and requirements of the game.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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