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Infected Days

Infected Days gives players an exciting and dramatic experience. Master the game by showing off your shooting skills and killing all the zombies.

What is Infected Days Game?

After the pandemic, there are many movies or video games using this theme to develop. Infected Days is one of those products. What will you do if one day the earth is invaded by cruel zombies?

Let this game tell you and accompany you on your journey to protect the world!

Mastering Infected Days Game

Become a hero

Transforming into a hero in this game, you are equipped with two machine guns. Day after day, many zombies grow and destroy the world. Only you have the strength to destroy them and once again bring peace to humans.

Your mission in Infected Days is to destroy all enemies. With the advanced equipment you have, along with courage and skilled shooting skills, you will defeat zombies. Collect coins and diamonds after killing each zombie.


Players use the mouse to move. Whichever direction you move the mouse, the hero will move in that direction. Also, pay attention to the gun's energy level in the right corner of the screen. When it's full energy, you use right-click to activate the weapon's power state.

Upgrading in Infected Days

The game is divided into days. Every day, the zombies get stronger and increase in number. They are even equipped with additional armor, so they will be more difficult to destroy. You need to upgrade them to make them stronger, thereby increasing your chances of winning. After each winning day, you can choose free upgrades such as:

  • 50% more critics, damage
  • 50% increased bullet speed
  • 50% chance to pierce
  • Drop a bomb every 5 seconds of running
  • Killing zombies heals 1 health
  • Fires an additional bullet, but you deal 30% less damage
  • Heals 50% of max hp after completing a day ...

In addition, collecting coins and diamonds while playing the Infected Days game also helps you upgrade guns, powers, perks, and skins. Start the game now and enjoy it!

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