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Basket Random

Basket Random is known as an attractive basketball game with pixel graphics. In chaotic basketball matches, players will try to score points to win.

Interesting information about Basket Random

Why is it called "Basket Random"?

The game is called that because its gameplay is quite special. You will participate in random battles with random opponents. Besides, the game continuously takes you to different locations you do not know in advance to organize basketball matches. There, competition costumes as well as basketball, are also randomly organized by the organizers. That's why the game is called "Basket Random".

Game's modes

The game has two different game modes, each with its own characteristics and attractions:

  • 1-Player: This is the mode where you will compete against Basket Rabdom's CPU.
  • 2-Player: This game mode allows you to compete directly with your friends on the same device. Each player's goal is to win with a minimum of 5 points. Good luck!

Enjoy Basket Random Game

How to play

This unique basketball game allows you to control two basketball players at the same time. Your task is to try to put the ball into the opponent's basket. If successful, you will receive 1 point. In these cases, the player can get more points. And you will be the winner of the Basket Random game when you get 5 points before your opponent. On the contrary, if your opponent has 5 points first, you lose.


To play the game, players can use the arrow keys to jump up and control the Basket Rabdom's ball. You can use the W key if you play in the 2-player mode.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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