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War Of Sticks

War Of Sticks is an online action game. You will train, manage, and command a team of your warriors to conquer the world by destroying all the preventers.

Instructions for playing War Of Sticks

Fight with enemies

Have you ever tried to imagine yourself as a general who would travel and conquer all over the world? Do you have the ambition to conquer every territory? Coming to War Of Sticks, these dreams will come true.

This game allows you to start from nothing. After mining minerals, you will have income. Use that money to recruit your soldiers, build crossbow towers, launch attacks, and defend your base. Players will complete the challenge and be the winner when they destroy the enemy base.


Players have three choices when participating in battles:

  • If you do not have enough soldiers or do not want to build more to strengthen your army, the player can defend right at the base. Then, if the enemy attacks, you can still defend with crossbow towers right in front of the base.
  • When your armed forces are strong enough, attack the enemy to create pressure and destroy all of their soldiers. After that, you will start attacking the base and win.
  • You can withdraw all your soldiers to the base and wait for the opportunity to overthrow the enemy.

Features of War Of Sticks

Game levels

The game has three different levels that are easy for beginner players to master. Hard mode is for players who are familiar with the game. And for those who are masters and like to conquer, Impossible mode is for them.

Each of these modes of War Of Sticks has its own interesting features. Basically, the rules of the game are still the same, only the difficulty of each mode is changed. Which game mode are you confident with? Join the game now and let us know!

Additional features

Use the bonuses after each of your victories to upgrade your soldiers. Many of their skills and equipment can be upgraded. As a way to train, you can improve these skills, giving your soldiers increased block chance, health, damage, reloading speed, speed, capacity, etc.

Players should remember that, in addition to the warriors, don't forget to pay attention to your miners. They are the important factor, but they will help you have the foundation to recruit soldiers, upgrade, build, and develop in this game.

The platform for playing: Unblocked Games 76

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