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Only Up

What is Only Up!?

Only Up! is a widely known game among online game lovers. This fun game requires gamers to jump and paddle up increasingly higher platforms to conquer the sky.

Released in August 2023 by Craft Game World developer, the game has never stopped being "hot". This is always considered the top choice of gamers when choosing an online game to relax. Will you conquer the game's challenges?

Conquer Only Up!

How to play the game?

In this parkour game, you will control your character. There will only be one character when you play, even though this is an online game. The player's task is to jump and climb from the ground to each platform of the Only Up! game. The later pedestals will become higher and higher than the previous pedestals. Therefore, when players conquer them, you can see the entire sky. That's also the reason we call Only Up! is a game that conquers the sky.

Controls: Players will use WASD keys or arrow keys to move. At the same time, move the mouse to change the viewing angle in the game and the spacebar to jump.

Features of the game Only Up!

  • Extremely beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • The game's platforms can be designed in the shape of wooden boxes, containers, or even cars floating in the sky.
  • Platform: Unblocked Games 76

In the game Only Up! In this game, you will only have one goal: to get as high as possible. The clear blue sky and floating clouds are waiting for you to explore. Good luck.