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Toy Rider

Toy Rider is an attractive entertainment game. Control the toy car to move on toy tracks in the room. After one round of movement, it will run to its owner.

Guide To Master Toy Rider

Interesting information about the game

This game is designed and has very interesting ideas. In the game, an active and creative boy designs special racing tracks for his toys right in his own room. Every day, the boy experiments with different races. Every day, at every level, the track gets more complicated. That shows the clever creativity and appeal of this game.

Control Toy Rider

  • Use the left and right keys to steer
  • Press the up key to accelerate
  • Press the down key to brake

How to win

Coming to the game Toy Rider, your task is to control a toy car. The other boy will place this car at the starting point of his track. Your task is to press the accelerator, navigate, and overcome parts of the race to reach the destination. In particular, the destination of the Toy Rider game is very special. That is the hand of its owner. As if to celebrate his creativity, the boy always stands next to the finish line and reaches out his hands to receive his favorite toy. Once you successfully drive the car to the finish line, he will dance to express joy.

Additional Information

Developer: Stand By Games

Platform: Unblocked Games 76 browser website

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