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Cookie Clicker

Build your own cookie kingdom in Cookie Clicker! The faster and more cookies you produce, the faster your city will grow and become much more beautiful.

About Cookie Clicker

Welcome players to the Cookie Clicker game! This idle game is a fun game with outstanding graphics. This is a click game where you can build up your own base. Here, you are the boss and the one who can decide everything. However, helping this city develop will not be that quick and easy. Let's find out how to master this clicker game. Please move on to the next sections.

Enjoy Cookie Clicker Game


If you have ever played idle games like Capybara Clicker 2, you will find this game quite simple. The player's task is to click on the giant cookie on the screen. With each click, you will create more cookies. The number of them produced will depend on your upgrades. In addition, after you have created many cookies, you will need a lot of workers as well as machinery to develop the baking process. Then, your cookie production in Cookie Clicker will be more professional and faster.

This very production of cookies will help you earn a very good income. It can even help you build a dream kingdom. If you are interested, visit the game and enjoy it.

Some features

  • Controls: Just click on the big cookie, and you can produce small cookies.
  • Upgrading and unlocking workers and factories is extremely necessary. It will help you make more cookies in less time.
  • Since this is an idle game, you don't even need to click to produce cookies. Provided that you have unlocked some necessary workers and machines.
  • Your achievements will be updated, and reward badges will be awarded in Cookie Clicker.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76