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A legendary puzzle game called Tetris is available here! Are you ready to break the rows of colorful tiles in the game? Arrange them to complete the task.

Tetris on Unblocked Games 76

About Tetris

This legendary game is probably known to everyone; it has even been remade into many different versions, from online games to consoles. Although it appeared many years ago, the game always stands out and receives the attention of gamers. Perhaps because its influence is so great worldwide. This puzzle game is probably one of the indispensable pieces in any gaming site.

Unblocked Games 76

As you know, our website's mission is to share interesting online games. We have tried very hard to find and share good games with gamers when there are millions of different games. We are very proud to receive positive feedback from players. And, of course, an important puzzle piece like Tetris will be indispensable on Unblocked Games 76.

Guide to Play Tetris

The game requires gamers to arrange blocks in a reasonable manner. Every time a horizontal row is filled, it will be broken. Then you will receive points. The player's task is to earn as many points as possible. The blocks have different shapes, so you need to change their direction so that when put together, they will match each other. Players also need to note that the blocks in Tetris will fall faster and faster. You need flexible handling. Otherwise, the blocks will reach the starting line, and you will lose.


  • Up - Changes the direction of blocks
  • Down - Fall faster
  • Left/right - arrange blocks left or right.

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