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Goober Dash

Goober Dash provides players with a funny mini-survival platform. In this game, you overcome difficulties with your character every round to become the winner.

Information of Goober Dash

It is an honor to introduce a new entertainment platform called Goober Dash. This game is a new product of Winterpixel Games in late 2023. This manufacturer achieved a breakthrough in visuals and gameplay when launching the game.

In this multiplayer game, you can directly face many other online players and find relaxation like you. Each time you enter the game of Goober Dash, more than 30 people participate and compete with you. Can you win?

Immerse Yourself in Goober Dash

Playing the game

Usually, there are five rounds for each game of Goober Dash. After each round, half of the late finishers will be eliminated. Specifically, the first round allows 16 first players to play the next rounds, the second round eliminates eight gamers, the third round stops four, and the final round will decide who the winner is.

Rounds in this game correspond to mini-games. These games are especially different. They have other maps and directions as well as destinations. Of course, you will not know in advance which map you will play on because when you start the game, these mini-games will be random to create fairness and drama for Goober Dash.

How to control

To reach the highest throne, players need to win round to round. If you want to achieve this goal, you need to master how to control your character:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Combine using the spacebar to dash.

Goober Dash's Features

The game's Store

  • The game has a large store where you can buy gems and get more trading chances in the game.
  • Players can buy skins for their characters. Change the color of the character. Buy accessories like hats, shirts, or swords to help your character look more stylish.
  • Also, you can unlock stickers to communicate with others when you level up and use your coins to buy them.
  • Lucky spin is also an exciting feature of the game. You have many opportunities to get some items there.

Modes of the game

  • Enjoy the battle royale of the Goober Dash game. Gamers will be able to play the game in several modes.
  • Explore Levels is a mode that helps you compete with online players worldwide anytime you want.
  • Custom Game helps you have a more private gaming space. In this mode, players can create a private room and invite friends to play with them or join a friend's private room.
  • Create Mode is a special mode. It will stimulate your creativity in the strongest possible way. Players will create their maps to play the game for themselves. Goober Dash gives you enough tools to do this. If you succeed, it will definitely be great!

Do you love action games with battles? But Goober Dash is not dramatic enough for you, so Stick Merge and are the perfect choices for you. Wish you happy gaming!