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Sniper Shooter 2

About Sniper Shooter 2 Online Game

Sniper Shooter 2 is an exciting shooting game. Your mission in the game is to defeat all the enemies to rescue hostages. It is not too easy, can you do it?

Guide To Mastering Sniper Shooter 2


In the game, you are a member of a sniper squad. And, you are the most outstanding marksman, who is capable of taking on many enemies at once. This time, your mission is to confront the cruel mafia guys. They kidnapped many hostages at a port. You will save these hostages, and that is your primary mission. Use the sniper gun, aim accurately and take down each enemy. Note that you need to distinguish between enemies and hostages. If you shoot at a hostage, the mission fails.
Controls: Hold the mouse to aim and release it to shoot.

Upgrade in the game

Sniper Shooter 2 offers diverse features for gamers, including a list of guns with different characteristics. For example, M1, 98KJ, AWM, SKS, M24, or M82A1, etc. Their difference is in damage and size indicators. You can consider unlocking them and using them to optimize performance in the game.

In addition, to always complete the mission excellently, players can upgrade their guns as well as their characters. You can upgrade the gun's damage so it can fire bullets with greater destructive power. For the character, upgrading HP will help him ensure safety and maintain a better life.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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