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About Hexblade Game

What is Hexblade?

Hexblade is an action gaming platform where you are a hero called Alastor. In this game, defeat monsters to find the unbeatable sword in a dangerous lair.

The story of the game

Hundreds of years ago, three mighty warriors made a pact with an entity, the great blade master, to receive the most deadly swords ever seen. According to the legend, one of these swords is hidden there, but everyone who tried to find it was never seen again. Years passed, and the swords were lost. But the warrior known as the blood knight, Alastor, has found the dungeon of the old.

Enjoying Hexblade Online Game

Coming to the game, you - Alastor, who is trying to find and possess the legendary sword called Hex Blade. You will go deep into the lair of the Blade master who holds this sword. However, you won't be able to get it quickly because, after all, it wouldn't be interesting at all.

With the mindset of taking this sword and defeating anything that gets in your way, you need to complete the missions. Luckily, the Blade master likes your determination; he will give you quests and also provide you with advice on how to achieve them. Try to destroy his three creatures, and you will receive the Hex Blade.

Tips to play the game

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, and X to attack. Besides, below are a few tips and tricks that can help you conquer the game:

  • It would help if you won before the last torch, or you'd die.
  • The Hexblade absorbs your energy's power but comes at a price.
  • The sword will take your soul if you attack with fury and impulse. Strike calmly.
  • You can jump up to slash enemies but do the same or duck down to avoid their attacks.

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