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City Car Driving Simulator

About City Car Driving Simulator

City Car Driving Simulator is known as one of the most popular driving experience games. Your car companion on every journey! Wishing you a happy game!

When talking about a driving game, the City Car Driving Simulator should be one of the first games mentioned. This game will be a great entertainment tool for those passionate about supercars. The most impressive cars of the game are waiting for you. Are you ready?

How to play City Car Driving Simulator

Drive your cars

This is not a racing game, but still enough to bring dramatic moments to players. You will participate in traffic as a car driver. Choose any car you want at the City Car Driving Simulator garage and start entering the lane.

On the road, you can freely show off your driving skills. However, be extremely careful if you don't want to end the game. Many other vehicles are participating in traffic like you. Colliding with them or anything on the way, like buildings, lampposts, etc, will bring problems for you.

In a collision, your car will suffer damage. If it's too much to bear, you'll have to end the game and start over.


  • Use the arrow keys to steer.
  • Press the spacebar to break.
  • The up key helps you speed up.

Customize in The Game

City Car Driving Simulator allows players to choose their cars before starting the game. There are types of cars such as supercars, trucks, and luxury cars. Besides, gamers can also freely customize their cars according to personal preferences.

You can edit the vehicle's settings for lights, wheels, and steering instances. In particular, these edits are completely free. You can also consider the game as a test and driving practice session for yourself. This driving simulation game does not attach importance to speed or achievements like other racing games. Instead, it focuses on helping players relieve stress and have comfortable gaming time.