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Tiny Fishing

What is Tiny Fishing?

Tiny Fishing is an attractive fishing game with interesting features and sharp graphics. Players try to catch special fish to sell for more money.

Tiny Fishing's rules

Similar to other fishing games, Tiny Fishing requires players to collect fish from the water and sell them to make money. You will transform into an old fisherman, sail out to sea, and catch as many fish as possible.

Players should remember that each fish species will have a different value. You should fish for more special fish like golden fish, green or orange fish, which are more expensive. The more fish you catch, the more money you have, and you quickly become a master of Tiny Fishing.

Guide to fishing

The player clicks the "Play" button with the mouse. Then, move the mouse left or right to fish.

Upgrades in Tiny Fishing

Join this exciting fishing game. Players can make upgrades to quickly catch more fish. Not only that, these upgrades also give you the opportunity to explore the ocean. There, the scenery is wonderful, and there are many rare fish species.

Below are three basic and outstanding upgrades that you will need to optimize when playing Tiny Fishing game:

  • Max Fishes: This upgrade will help you catch more fish every time you throw your fishing rod. Initially, you can only catch a maximum of 3 fish, but after upgrades, you can even catch dozens of fish each time you cast bait.
  • Max Depth: If you want to catch bigger, rarer, and more expensive fish, you should choose this upgrade. It will help you drop the bait deeper into the ocean.
  • Offline Earnings: As the name of the upgrade suggests, it will help you increase your income.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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