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Bitlife simulates the growth journey of a life. What is your dream life like? This amazing game will help your dreams come true! Join the game now.

About Bitlife

Everyone has their own dreams, but not everyone can realize their dreams. Let the Bitlife game help you do that. This game allows you to create your own life. However, you need to note that the game can only help you create a virtual life, and now, enjoy it!

Play The Bitlife Game

Create a character

To start the game, you need to create a character for yourself with name, age, gender, and some other basic information. After that, Bitlife will guide you through the next steps to gradually build your life in the game.

In particular, your life in Bitlife will be built according to age stages. At each different age, players need to make decisive decisions to develop their lives, even if it can be a difficult step in their life.

Outstanding features in Bitlife

Because this game will simulate the players' lives, it will cover every aspect of human life from education to employment and marriage.

  • Education: You will decide at what age you will go to school, when you will stop studying, and what university you will attend with what major. This will affect your future. Choose a major that matches your career dream so that this virtual life is perfect for you.
  • Health: In the game, you can also have regular health checks to ensure you are always healthy.
  • Marriage: Fall in love with the person you like and marry the person you love in this game. Together with your partner, create a happy home with adorable children...

Bitlife will definitely be a great game for you to draw your own life. Do you think this virtual life will be great? Color your life in this game right at Unblocked Games 76 website.