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34 votes 4.7/5

Mergest Kingdom

Mergest Kingdom is a merged genre farming game. Build the magical kingdom of your dreams by merging game items. Do you imagine what your kingdom looks like?

Impressions of the Mergest Kingdom game

If you are a fan of the Match 3 game genre, you will definitely love this game. This is a unique combination of many different game genres, such as farming, puzzle, and merge. Perhaps because it received such favor, the game was like a big explosion in the gaming market. Mergest Kingdom not only helps players immerse themselves in a beautiful fairy tale world but also brings profound entertainment value.

Instructions for playing Mergest Kingdom Game

How to develop the kingdom?

Players will transform into Hog Rider, a builder of a new kingdom. In your kingdom, you will develop agriculture, such as growing rice and logging. Combine 3 or more similar items to help them grow and create results. You can get rice, wooden items like tents, chairs or even build houses from them. Thanks to your hard work, you will receive appropriate rewards.

Gradually, from small items, players will gain better-upgraded items. You will even become the king and change your appearance every day with accessories. Your crown will be upgraded, and hire more extra gnome workers to help you speed up the progress of building the fairy kingdom.

Tips for players

  • You will receive help from Ginger Beard, a real ape maker. He has a lot of useful information for you.
  • It's important to cut the ents clearly. We don't wanna them to feel at home.
  • Evil thought spirits an ent was a good place to hide their treasure. Finders keepers!
  • Invaders forgot to hide it inside their ents. Let's dig deeper.

No good deed goes unnoticed. It's time to make your world a better place!

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