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Blocks Puzzle Zoo

Blocks Puzzle Zoo is an engaging puzzle game. If you want to rescue the squirrels in the game, form puzzles to destroy them from the screen.

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Welcome to an exciting, entertaining game. This is probably an interesting gift for those not suited to fast-paced games and bloody battles. Blocks Puzzle Zoo takes you to a new world where your intelligence is the key to decoding all difficulties.

Enjoy Blocks Puzzle Zoo

Understand more about the game

These foxes were caught in predatory traps in the forest. You are the one who discovered them, and you need to find a way to save these adorable animals.

This puzzle game includes a total of 100 levels. They are designed to increase difficulty with each one. The player's main task is to arrange colorful wooden blocks in horizontal or diagonal rows to destroy them and save the little foxes. In addition, there will be stone blocks that prevent your help from these creatures. Do the same thing to destroy them and continue your mission.

Notes for players

  • Some stone blocks need to be destroyed with horizontal or vertical rows of wood. You need to look at the bright dots on that stone block to recognize that.
  • For stone blocks, there are 4 light dots on all four sides. You can destroy with either vertical or horizontal rows.
  • Sometimes, those stone blocks are just to distract gamers. You should be observant and observant before starting the game to achieve the best results.
  • Follow the stars bar in the bottom corner of the screen to calculate the number of stars you will receive after each level.
  • Players can purchase power-ups to use in their game. Blocks Puzzle Zoo's hammers and bombs will help you destroy a wooden block or an entire area on the screen.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76 web browser