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Defuse The Bomb

Defuse The Bomb is a fun game with a unique experience. Before time runs out, like an expert, you must either defuse the bomb or it will explode.

Defuse The Bomb Information

Do you want to become a bomb researcher? Normally, you can only see bomb disposal situations in movies. Today, you can experience this process at Defuse The Bomb game! This experience is unique. You can hardly find it in any other game. Are you ready to conquer every meticulously and sophisticatedly designed bomb?

Defuse The Bomb Features

How to Defuse Bombs

In this game, the player will transform into a bomb expert. Not only will you be responsible for disposing of the bombs, but you will also have a bomb research workshop. To defuse bombs, you cannot smash or throw them away, and you need to defuse them scientifically. Defuse The Bomb will give you suggestions. For example, what color wire do you need to cut, or what switch on the bomb should you cut, those suggestions will be displayed on the side. Players need to find the exact location and ingredients on the bomb to defuse it. Please note that all bombs are dangerous. It has a timer. At the end of which time, if you can't defuse the bomb it will explode.

Guide to Upgrading

Besides, you also need to develop your workshop. Every time you defuse a bomb, you receive a reward. Use that money to upgrade the workshop and hire more staff. Those employees will work and research bombs right at your workshop. They will help you recover capital and even increase your income. Besides, Defuse The Bomb's lucky spins are also an interesting feature, helping you shorten the path to success in the game. You have the opportunity to receive additional cash or even any staff after each spin. Good luck, and happy gaming!


Players use a computer mouse to control the game.