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Disney Junior Magical Holidays

Disney Junior Magical Holidays is a special entertainment platform. It is designed specifically for the Christmas season with some interesting mini-games.

Disney Junior Magical Holidays Information

In European countries, Christmas is considered the biggest holiday at the end of the year. Thanks to that, there are many great online games created to serve these holidays. Disney Junior Magical Holidays is such a product. However, this game is more special because it integrates many different mini-games. Furthermore, Disney is a very famous studio with animated films that not only children but also adults love such as Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen,... The combination of characters from Disney cartoons and The Christmas theme will be a big hit with exciting games. Let's start!

Enjoy Disney Junior Magical Holidays


In this game, players will meet again famous cartoon characters, including Mickey Mouse. This platform will provide you with a number of different game genres such as puzzle, or casual games. With those game genres, Disney Junior Magical Holidays brings you to the following 6 interesting games:

  • Gift-giving Game: Legend has it that a bright night gives birth every year. Santa Claus will deliver gifts to children. He gave them gifts through the chimney of each house. Similarly, in this game, you also transform into Santa Claus to do the same task. Try to keep the gift boxes from falling.
  • Puzzle Game: From separate puzzle pieces, you need to assemble them into a complete picture according to the model of Disney Junior Magical Holidays.
  • Snowball Game: Winter is here. A popular game that children enjoy during Christmas is snowballing. During the allotted time, you will throw snowballs at Disney cartoon characters.
  • Costume Game: Players need to look at the image to identify what items the doll is missing and attach them to make the doll complete.
  • Jumping Game: From the ground, you will jump onto moving candy bars. Try to jump as high as possible and watch the beautiful snowy night sky on Christmas Eve.
  • Gift stacking Game: Your task is to stack gift boxes on top of each other as high as possible.

Disney theme

As mentioned above, the Disney theme is a factor that helps Disney Junior Magical Holidays attract players. So, which Disney movies and animated characters have this platform featured? Follow the list below:

  • Alice's Wonderland Bakery
  • Eureka!
  • Firebuds
  • Spidey and his Amazing Friends
  • Mickey Mouse Funhouse
  • McStuffins
  • Muppet Babies
  • Vampirina
  • T.O.T.S Tiny Ones Transport Service
  • Puppy Dogs Pals

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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