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Earn To Die

Earn To Die is a driving game but has an action nature. In a land full of zombies, you need to find a way to survive by reaching a rescue helicopter.

Why Earn To Die Is Popular

Interesting gaming content

When participating in this adventure driving game, imagine that you are lost in a desolate desert filled with sand and cacti. Through binoculars, you can see the rescue helicopter but the distance from you to it is still very far, 3125ft. You need a car to get there and get out of this dangerous place.

However, on the way there are many zombies ready to attack you. Either stab and defeat them, or you will be harmed by them and end the game. In particular, depending on the distance you conquer, you will receive rewards from the game.

Simple controls

  • Left/Right keys for tilt
  • Up key for acceleration
  • Down key for brakes

Upgrade in Earn To Die

With the coins you earn, you can upgrade your car. Remember, upgrading your car is extremely necessary because the terrain in the desert is extremely dangerous. You need suitable wheels to move conveniently. In addition, if you don't have enough gas and the engine is not good, you will be able to go more than 3000ft. Besides, the farther you go, the more zombies you will encounter. Therefore, you need to be equipped with state-of-the-art tools to avoid being overwhelmed by them. Or, if you earn enough money, you can even buy a new car.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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