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Fireboy And Watergirl

Play Fireboy And Watergirl Online

What is it?

Fireboy And Watergirl is a popular puzzle game that you must try. Help 2 characters in the game help each other and perform tasks to complete your adventure.

Why should you play it?

This puzzle game seems simple but is quite difficult. It can entertain you, but it can also help you practice observation skills and teamwork skills and even increase bonds with friends. A game that is both interesting and has so many positive meanings is worth a try, right? So, let's start the game now!

Instructions for Playing Fireboy And Watergirl

Your duties

You will be the one to control the characters in the game - fire little boy and water little girl. Although water and fire are two opposite elements, one hot and one cold, they can also be a good couple. During the journey to explore the mysterious forest, you will help them have good coordination to collect items and safely escape danger. You will complete the mission by helping them in turn find the door of each Fireboy And Watergirl's level.

How to control:

  • FIREBOY: Use the arrow keys to control.
  • WATERGIRL: Use the WASD to control.

Some notes to master Fireboy And Watergirl

  • The couple in the game needs to travel together. If any of them are in danger, the game will end.
  • Both Watergirl and Fireboy reach the destination, and then your mission will be completed.
  • Fireboy can walk through lava and collect red diamonds but cannot touch water.
  • Watergirl can walk through water and collect blue diamonds but cannot touch the lava.
  • Neither of them will be allowed to touch the green goo. They will be in danger.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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