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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a legendary arcade game. The player is responsible for controlling and guiding the bird to fly through the tubes without causing an accident.

Some Basic Information About Flappy Bird

Anyone who is a fan of online games will definitely know Flappy Bird. This game was developed and became famous around the world decades ago. The game was developed by a Vietnamese programmer. Although it was removed for some reason later, no matter what, it is still a legend in arcade games. And now, the game is back and promises to continue to become a priority for gamers to kill time. What about you, will you choose it?

Guide To Play Flappy Bird

Mission: The game has quite simple mechanics, including the game design. But it still receives special attention. Even gamers are always ready to come back to play this game again and again. Your task in the game is to control a bird to fly as far as possible. Overcome obstacles and tubes arranged to stop the bird. They will only leave a fairly small passage, and you need to fly through it without touching the tubes. If you break the rules, the game ends.

How to play: Players use the computer mouse to control. Click the mouse to make the bird fly up, and hold the mouse to make it fly higher.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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