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FullSpeed Racing

Introduction of FullSpeed Racing

Welcome to a racing game for any speed lover called FullSpeed Racing! Are you ready to participate in an extremely exciting speed race? Enjoy the game!

Those who are passionate about speed and love sports have been immersed in the world of Sports Bike Racing - an impressive motorbike racing game. Now, they can also integrate into the car racing community in FullSpeed Racing. Are you one of them, will you join the game?

Playing FullSpeed Racing


In this car racing game, each player will control a separate car. Your mission is to drive it as far as possible before it times out. This goal will become more and more difficult as the race you face will become more and more difficult. Other cars are moving on the race, and if you crash into them, you will be slowed down and take time to return to the track at a steady speed, as before. Besides, at bends, if the player does not handle it well enough, they also need to lose a lot of time. Meanwhile, time continues to pass.

How to control

  • Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate.
  • Press the up arrow key to acceleration.
  • Hold the SHIFT key while steering to drift.
  • Overtake cars closely to get turbos.
  • Reach checkpoints for extra time.

Unlock new cars in FullSpeed Racing

The better your performance in races, the greater your chances of receiving coins. Even the number of coins you receive will depend on the distance you conquer in the race of the game. It means the farther you drive your car, the more checkpoints you reach, and the more coins you get. With those coins, what can you do? Visit the FullSpeed Racing garage and unlock a supercar you like. After that, you can even upgrade it so it can excel in racing.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76