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What is Hangman?

Hangman is an exciting word game. In this game, you need to guess the word depending on the clues to get diamonds. Try to guess as many words as possible.

Hangman is the perfect choice if you are looking for a difficult but extremely interesting puzzle game to kill time. Either you can solve that question, or the man will be hung on a pole.

Participate in Hangman


Like Words Of Wonders, players will receive hints from the game to gradually guess the answer. However, each game will have differences in both concept and graphics. Join Hangman's challenge, and you will unlock mysterious words one by one.

The player will only receive a single hint about its type of word, such as sports, animals, verb, etc. Combined with the number of squares displayed on the screen, the player will gradually narrow the scope himself. en word and start guessing the possible word. You will use the number of letters on the screen to fill in the blanks. Each letter you choose correctly will be ticked green and automatically fill in its correct position in the word. If it's wrong, it will get a red tick, and the man will gradually get hung up. You lose until he is completely hung up, and you still haven't found the correct answer.

Notes for you

You will receive diamonds as a reward when you answer correctly and find a complete word. Players can use the accumulated diamonds to use hints in the Hangman game. Each time you use a hint, you need to spend ten diamonds, which will help you unlock any letter in the word you want to find. Be sure to use hints appropriately and only use them when necessary. In addition, for each correct letter, you will also receive bonus experience points/