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Hyperspace Racers 3

Hyperspace Racers 3 is a thrilling racing game. Participate in these speed races, and you will have the opportunity to compete with other excellent racers!

Playing Hyperspace Racers 3

Enter the game's race

Hyperspace Racers 3 features racing tracks with super impressive graphics. Joining the game, you will drive your machines on race tracks in space. These machines will help you satisfy your passion for speed.

Compete with other racers in the game. Your mission is to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. Overtake each opponent on the track, collect acceleration items, and immerse yourself in Hyperspace Racers 3!


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to steer.
  • Press the spacebar for a turbo.
  • Collect the speed-up items to get a higher speed.
  • Drive into the green zone to accumulate energy for the turbo.

The game's modes

The game has three main modes. Each mode takes players to impressive and attractive racing tracks. You can completely trust each mode of Hyperspace Racers 3. Below are detailed information about these modes:

Mission Mode: This is the most popular game mode of the game. Each mission corresponds to a level. Of course, your missions will differ at each level. You need to complete them to move to the next mission. Coming to each mission, you can play in easy, complex, or average mode.

Quick Race Mode: This is the mode where you can immerse yourself in the races of Hyperspace Racers that you have unlocked. In addition, you can also choose one of your machines to conquer the track, such as Crimson Speeder, Shockwave, etc.

Time Trial Mode: Drive your machine in this mode. You will not be limited by anything. Even each lap you pass will be detailed by the game.

Hyperspace Racers 3's Missions

  • Mission 1 - Neo Grand Prix: A rookie like you needs to prove your skills in a grand prix. Win first place in this mission to unlock Quick Race and Time Trial Mode.
  • Mission 2 - Arctic Escape: An icy blizzard is coming and has frozen parts of the track! Finish two laps to unlock Shockwave and Sub Zeo Circuit within the given time.
  • Mission 3 - High-Speed Desert: Bandits have captured you and placed a bomb on your machine! Don't go too slow, or you will discover! Finish three laps to unlock Nighthawk and Sandstorm Speedy.

After completing each mission, you can unlock new machines, tracks, and missions. There are a lot of other missions for you in Hyperspace Racers 3. Check them out!