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JetPack Joyride

What is JetPack Joyride?

JetPack Joyride is an extremely fun game. Armed with a jetpack, your mission is to fly as far as possible while collecting coins and defeating enemies.

There is a very strange military laboratory that is predicted to be extremely dangerous. They are inventing devices to destroy the world. Will you break into that experimental cage and discover the secrets that are hidden? Start the game and overcome the challenges.

Immerse yourself in JetPack Joyride

Your duties

Coming to this game, you will be a hero who is equipped with a jetpack to break into the enemy base. At the enemy's laboratory, there are many scientists who are researching dangerous military weapons. Besides, they are also equipped with safety equipment to prevent break-ins. Your mission is to use jet equipment to fly as far as possible, exploring this laboratory. At the same time, when you encounter enemies, you can destroy them. Players also need to pay attention to the dangerous zappers there, who will also use missiles to destroy you. Be careful!

In the JetPack Joyride game, you can click and hold the mouse to fly.

JetPack Joyride's clothing

In addition to conquering the laboratory, players also have the opportunity to collect coins. they will help you unlock costumes in JetPack Joyride. In particular, each outfit has its own special abilities that will be very useful to you:

  • Baby's Suit (0 coin): Authentic barry styling, wearing this grubby old suit is like coming home to an old friend.
  • Baby Bonnet (5000 coins): For the aspiring man-child.
  • Baby Diaper (5000 coins): For when you have a near-miss with more than a zapper.
  • Safety Helmet (7000 coins): Your safety is our priority! Warning: Helmet may not protect from floating zapper firalds, lasers or missile attacks.
  • Ninja Mask (6000 coins): Perfect for masking your shame when you accidentally hit a bomb with a sword, not smart.
  • ...

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