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What is is a shooting game, which is so exciting. In the game, the player will be a gunner whose mission is to defeat as many opponents as you can.

This is an aerial, fast-paced and fun first-person shooting game. Make amazing tricks like air-kill or long shots to score more points. Use jumped or rocket jumps to your opponents in the arena.


Your mission

In the game, players will be taken to a fierce gun battle platform. You will compete against other online gamers. Each player has the opportunity to collect weapons to participate in this shooting arena. Within the allowed time, players need to search for other opponents and defeat them. You need to remember that other players also have similar tasks. If you don't quickly dominate the game, you may become their prey and lose.

How to control

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use 1-7 keys to change weapons.

Some features of

The game offers interesting features for gamers which can help you enjoy the game all day without getting bored. You can make the character's appearance special and unique by changing the character's skin colour or the character's head with emoji, hair bowl, hair punk, dread undercut, etc. Besides, the costumes in are also very diverse with pants, shirts and shoes. In particular, the weapons in the game can also have their skins changed to make them look special. You can own all of these skins if you have enough coins.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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