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Magic Cat Academy

About Magic Cat Academy


Magic Cat Academy is an exciting, entertaining game. Your mission is to use the magic taught in the academy to defeat the zombies and solve the mystery.

Content of the game

You will transform into a cat witch who is studying at a magic academy called Magic Cat Academy. While I was in class and studying hard, suddenly a ghost appeared. It called in its accomplices, destroyed your classroom and even stole your magic book. It's running away. What will happen if this villain learns magic? You need to chase it down and get the book back.

Journey in Magic Cat Academy

Destroy enemies

You are tracking down the enemy's tracks. The person who took your book and ran away is the alpha ghost. It has escaped. To find this dangerous character, players need to go through 5 different levels corresponding to each room in your magic academy.

In particular, each room of Magic Cat Academy has many zombies and a boss. Players need to destroy them all to get through these doors. In your hand is a magic bike to create magic. Use this magical wand to deal with enemies.

Control the game

  • Use your mouse to create magic. Each ghost has symbols on its head. You will use your chopsticks to draw those symbols to destroy them. That's like a code to neutralize these ghosts, so you must draw these symbols correctly to succeed.
  • In addition, when playing the Magic Cat Academy game, they can destroy you if they touch you. Players have 5 lives. Be careful.
  • When cats with hearts appear on the game screen, you will see a heart and get an extra life.

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