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Mini Royale: Nation

Mini Royale: Nation takes you to chaotic gunfights. Players will compete with their teammates against other players. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible.

Mini Royale: Nation Information

Welcome to the action game Mini Royale: Nation! This is a thrilling shooting game. This addictive game will help you have fun and entertaining moments day after day. Here is a piece of live information you should know before playing the game. Follow it!

Game rules

Join our bloody battles, and all online players will be divided into 2 teams, blue and red. During a certain period of time, two teams will compete against each other to find the winner. The winning team is the team that destroys more opponents.

Also, if you get defeated, don't worry because you will be respawned immediately. All players, after being destroyed, will be revived and continue the battle until time runs out.


Our action role-playing game allows gamers to log in to their account to enjoy the game or not. However, if you have the talent, you can experience Mini Royale: Nation at its best. Meanwhile, if you do not have an account, you can still play the game with fewer features.

When participating in the game, you can choose a character to represent yourself. Each character will have different equipment such as guns, bombs, etc.

In addition, this shooting game also includes many attractive skins that you may love. Whether it's character costumes or gun skins, everything is extremely beautiful.

Tips For Players In Mini Royale: Nation

  • In survival battles like Mini Royale: Nation, it's better not to go alone. Moving with teammates will help increase your win rate.
  • When you detect an enemy in a distant location, you can turn on the viewfinder to identify the target more accurately.
  • Pay attention to the HP bar. When you realize it's about to run out, run away, maybe throw a smoke bomb. After that, your HP will gradually recover.
  • You can even change characters and equipment while the battle is going on.

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Platform: Unblocked Games 76 Web browser.