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MrBean Jump

MrBean Jump Online Game

About the game

Welcome to an entertaining game called MrBean Jump! You help the humorous man to jump on the wooden crate. Try to reach the highest altitude possible.

About MrBean

There is a very funny and famous man on stage named MrBean. Every time he appears, he helps viewers have happy moments thanks to his interesting expressions and actions. This man always appears in a grey suit and red tie. That is one of the impressions as well as highlights that everyone is familiar with when talking about him. Do you also know this man? So, start playing the game and join him in the video game version of conquering challenges!

Guide to Playing MrBean Jump

Mission: Just like the name of the game, you just jump, jump, and jump in this game. As soon as you click on the Play button of MrBean Jump, a series of wooden crates move across MrBean one after another. Your task is to help him jump up as soon as the barrel is about to pass to avoid accidents. If you can do this, the crate will stop when you stand firmly on it. On the contrary, if not completed, the wooden barrel will crash into MrBean, injuring him and the game ends.

Try to get through as many wooden crates as possible. That means you will have the opportunity to conquer the heights of MrBean Jump and receive bigger rewards and coins. Players can use those coins to unlock costumes, skins for wooden crates, and even the game's background.

Controls: Click the mouse to jump up.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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