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Neon Blaster

About Neon Blaster

Neon Blaster is an exciting shooting game. In the game, you control your gun machine to destroy a lot of enemies. Be careful, or you will be eliminated.

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The game is inspired by the legendary chicken shooting game, but it is much more upgraded in both image and sound. In the game, you will control a machine gun to confront many enemies. They are numbered on their bodies, meaning you need to hit them that many times to destroy them. Besides, you also need to collect coins dropped from enemies you shoot down.

Remember, enemies can also attack you by rushing and bumping into you. If you cannot shoot them down or avoid them before they attack, you will be eliminated from the game.

Controls: Hold your mouse to shoot.

Upgrade in Neon Blaster

You will face a lot of challenges in the game because there are many stronger enemies. They can carry numbers up to hundreds or thousands, so destroying them will not be too difficult. So, you need to upgrade so that the mission can be completed more easily. You can buy additional pets to have more companions. In addition, upgrading your gun and increasing damage are also good ideas to master the Neon Blaster game.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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