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Om Nom Run

What is Om Nom Run?

Om Nom Run is an impressive running game. Accompany Om Nom or other friends to conquer all challenges and reach the finish line while collecting items.

In this vibrant title, you'll join the iconic green candy-loving creature, Om Nom, and his adventure counterpart, Om Nelle, on a wild run through the bustling streets and secret locations of Nomville.

On Nom Run Unblocked

Sweet gameplay

The game throws exciting challenges your way, from leaping over rooftop gaps to swerving past mischievous Roaches and grumpy Nom Nom clones. Utilize handy power-ups like rockets and magnets to boost your speed, grab extra candy, and overcome tricky hurdles.

Om Nom Run offers intuitive one-touch controls, making it easy for players of all ages to jump in and join the fun. Simply tap the screen to guide Om Nom or Om Nelle as they sprint forward, collecting candy, dodging obstacles, and completing missions. Besides, if you play this game on the computer, you can use WASD or arrow keys to control it.

Outstanding features

  • As you progress, you'll unlock not only new outfits for Om Nom and Om Nelle, but also other beloved characters from the Cut the Rope universe, each with unique abilities!
  • Explore a variety of colourful and vibrant environments, from the bustling streets of Nomville to the wacky Robot Factory and even the mysterious underground tunnels.
  • Rockets, jumping boots, magnets, and double coins - these handy power-ups will give you the edge you need to overcome obstacles and maximize your score.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Om Nom or simply seeking a sweet and engaging online game. Om Nom Run is sure to deliver hours of sugary fun. Calling all Cut the Rope fans and endless runner enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a sugar-fueled adventure with Om Nom Run, the exciting online game that combines the adorable charm of the Cut the Rope universe with fast-paced, obstacle-dodging action

Platform: Unblocked Games 76