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Oops! No Brakes!

About Oops! No Brakes!

Oops! No Brakes! is a game that helps you show off your superior driving skills. Can you cross the deserted island with a car without falling into the water?

Reach the finish line

Can you imagine if one day you got lost on a deserted island in a car that lost its brakes? That is the main content of the game Oops! No Brakes! You are on a deserted island surrounded by water. You will be saved on the condition that you can drive the car to the destination where the help flag is flagged. Players need to note that in the game, if your car gets wet, you will immediately lose. Be careful.


Because the car has no brakes, you can only steer it to the finish line. You can use the mouse to do this.

Some notes in Oops! No Brakes!

  • You can use ramps and jumps to gain speed and clear obstacles.
  • You can collect coins to unlock new levels and cars.
  • The game features different environments, each with its own unique challenges.
  • Your car has no brakes! This means you have to rely on your skills and quick thinking to avoid crashing into obstacles and falling off the track.

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