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Santa And The Chaser

About Santa And The Chaser

Santa And The Chaser is a fun Christmas game. Santa is being chased by a multi-eyed monster. Will you help him? Avoid obstacles and run to the destination.

Finish your mission

It's dangerous! On Christmas day, Santa Claus needs to deliver gifts to children, but there is a monster that is sabotaging his work. It chases to destroy Santa and steal his gifts. To deliver gifts to children, Santa first needs to escape from this multi-eyed monster. He needs your help. The children are looking forward to their gifts from Santa. This is one of the things they are most excited about all year. It's almost dawn. He needs to finish this job, hurry up!

Your mission in Santa And The Chaser is to help him reach the finish line, which is a safe area that monsters cannot penetrate. However, gifts for children are left all over the streets, all because of the chaser. If you collide with these gift boxes, Santa will slow down and may be captured. You will help him jump up to avoid them.


The player uses a computer mouse. Clicking the mouse will make him jump, and clicking multiple times will help him jump higher.

Santa And The Chaser Features

  • The game has a total of 21 levels. The difficulty of each level will gradually increase.
  • The game is set in snowy night skies. That is characteristic of the coming Christmas season.
  • Santa And The Chaser has attractive gameplay and eye-catching graphics.
  • The game controls are simple but not boring.
  • The game's music is a fun Christmas-themed song.

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