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Snow Drift

About Snow Drift


Snow Drift is a game about an adventure of Yeti. Help him conquer all the slopes of the frozen country while overcoming the obstacles of the penguins.

Your mission in Snow Drift

Lost in an extremely adorable icy base with cute characters, will your mission be completed spectacularly? Joining this game, you will control a warm, furry white Yeti. He is exploring every corner of this wonderful frozen country. However, here, there are too many dangers; you will help Yeti master the game!

How to play Snow Drift

Players help Yeti run to a portal in each level to complete missions and level up to move on to more difficult but more exciting challenges. When faced with cute but annoying penguins, you need to defeat them all. Additionally, when you play Snow Drift at higher levels, you can target ice spikes and jump to avoid them; otherwise, the Yeti will be injured. Players need to remember that you only have 3 lives. If you get injured many times, and those 3 lives are gone, the game will end.

In addition, you should also pay attention to icebergs. They can move, spin, or do anything else to make things difficult for you. Sometimes, you will even encounter special ice floes that melt as soon as the yeti's warm feet rest on them. But don't worry too much. As long as you can understand the mechanism of Snow Drift, you can conquer the game. Don't forget, the Yeti can only slide on ice, not snow!


  • Up/ W - Jump
  • Down/ S - Slide
  • Left/ A - Run left
  • Right/ D - Run right

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