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Tower Defense: Dinosaurs

Tower Defense: Dinosaurs is an interesting defense game. How will the battle between you and the powerful dinosaurs take place? And who will be the winner?

About Tower Defense: Dinosaurs

In 180 BC, dinosaurs still ruled and were kings of all species. They always want to oppress all living things. That's also when you lead a research team, setting up bases in their area to find ways to deal with these dangerous animals. However, the dinosaurs in the game Tower Defense: Dinosaurs are aggressive dinosaurs. They even attack your base as soon as you get there.

Luckily, your professor invented the crossbow tower, which was his greatest invention at that time. They will be useful in protecting your base when attacked. But whether it is effective or not, and how effective it is, will depend on your strategic vision and command. Good luck.

Defend your base in Tower Defense: Dinosaurs

Defeat your enemies

As a defender, you will set up traps so enemies cannot escape. In your base, there are always locations used to install crossbow towers. Players will build these towers at suitable locations to fend off the dinosaurs as they enter your base.

Once an enemy is detected, these crossbow turrets automatically fire to remove all targets. You will receive the bones of these dinosaurs as a reward.

Tips and Tricks

  • The crossbow towers have unparalleled power because they were invented by the professor and made from dinosaur bones. So, the more bones you collect, the more towers you can build.
  • You can also upgrade your crossbow towers to gain greater power.
  • A cannon is more powerful and has a longer range than the crossbow tower, but is slower. Attacks only land enemies.
  • New geo-charge - a meteorite shower! Particular good against groups of enemies.
  • Fast-oh-Saurus is a fast dinosaur that died fast.
  • The spinosaurus is a fast enemy with a medium health pool.

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