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1 votes 5/5 is a famous role-playing shooting game. You will participate in battles for survival. Will you be the last survivor or the first to be eliminated?

Why should you choose

This is one of the top options for players who are fans of shooting games. Venge not only has engaging gameplay but also beautiful graphics. Whether characters or their movements and actions show the sincerity, dedication, and care of the game makers for this brainchild.

Coming to this game, you will be able to become an excellent gunman. Although they are all action games in the shooting genre, they differ from Stick Merge. If in a merge game, you can only stand still in one place to confront many enemies. In Venge io, you can run and jump over the game's map to find your enemies. Players in this game will face each other one-on-one.

Participate in

The game's battles

Because the battles in this game are literally battles of survival, the player will be killed if not careful. You will become a true warrior with your survival weapons. Bring your guns and melee weapons; the war is waiting for you!

Wars in will involve multiple online players participating against each other. Your mission is to destroy as many opponents as possible. Besides, don't forget to collect coins after killing each player. You will be knocked out when your HP bar is run out. At that time, you need to play the game again. You are the MVP - the best player in the match with the most kills, you will also receive a worthy reward for this achievement.

Weapons in

Gamers are equipped with complete weapons before joining in the thrilling battles of Venge. You can use them flexibly to aim for the most effective results.

  • Use the sniper rifle when you choose a convenient position, far away from enemies and undetected by them.
  • Use your shotgun when facing a short distance.
  • Using a machine gun is the easiest way in any situation. It has a viewfinder and can fire continuously, helping you get more extensive damage.

Game's Features

This action game has a lot of exciting features that make gamers' experience better and better. If you are interested in these features, follow the information below.

  • Weapon skins: They can help make your guns, grenades, and hammers more beautiful and attractive.
  • Characters: Although the list of Venge's characters is not really diverse. It has only 4 ones, but they are designed in detail and meticulously. Each character has unique skills and strengths.
  • Maps: This is one of the best features of this game. The game has many maps with interesting features and unique backgrounds.

Where to play the game: Unblocked Games 76 website.