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Banana Run: Merge Master

About Banana Run: Merge Master

Banana Run: Merge Master is an interesting gaming platform. You can play 3 game modes with the task of helping your banana defeat all enemies.

Are you looking for a fun and cute game? This is the answer for you. It not only contains cute images but with attractive gameplay, you can completely kill time with this entertaining game.

Enjoy Banana Run: Merge Master

How to play Banana Run: Merge Master

Controls: The player uses a computer mouse to control the bananas.

Basically, your mission in this game is to confront enemies. You will be the winner after defeating all your opponents. However, the goal of taking them down will not be easy to accomplish. The higher the level, the more difficult it becomes, which means your enemies' strength will be greatly improved. Furthermore, players also need to pay attention to obstacles in Banana Run: Merge Master. You may be in danger of crashing into them.

3 game modes

  • Parkour Evolution: This is a game mode where you will accompany your banana to run to the finish line. Meanwhile, you need to get close and recruit other banana teammates. When you reach the finish line, you will complete the mission if you and your teammates kill your opponents.
  • Shot Merge: The target is similar to the mode above. However, to recruit teammates, you need to shoot at their towers. Break those pillars, and you will get other bananas to accompany you.
  • Maze Showdown: This mode seems more special than the previous two modes. Your banana will enter a maze with many rooms. Each room has an enemy. You need to defeat each enemy there. However, pay attention to each character's stats. You can only defeat characters with lower stats than you. And, your stats will increase every time you defeat an opponent.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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