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Become the king in the Murder game now! Break into the palace to usurp the throne and, at the same time, stop other crooks who want to kill you.

What is Murder game?

The life of a king is extremely prosperous with lots of gold, silver, jewels as well as power. Therefore, there are many people aiming for this prestigious position, and so are you. The Murder game recreates a battle for the throne. Anyone can become king if they can kill the previous king. Can you?

Walkthrough to play Murder

Participating in this game, your mission is to kill the real king. You will use a poisoned knife and stab him, then take over the king and dragon robe. At that time, you will become the king of the whole kingdom. You can command soldiers and can own a lot of wealth.

That is also the reason why there are many other crooks targeting this attractive position. After you ascend the throne, many other people will also break into your palace and secretly plot to kill you. Your mission in Murder is to uncover their plot before they can attack. If discovered by you, these crooks will be thrown into prison until they die. But if you can't catch them until the red bar runs out, then their plot will succeed. At that time, you will be the real loser. Good luck.

Controls: Players use the spacebar to control the character. As an intruder, hold the spacebar to prepare to kill the king. As the king, you hold the spacebar to turn around and detect enemy actions.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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