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Bubble Shooter

What is Bubble Shooter?

Bubble Shooter is a puzzle game worth trying. In the game, players need to match bubbles with each other to clear them. Try to get the highest score possible.

Playing Bubble Shooter Game

Guide to enjoy

Yeah, welcome to Bubble Shooter - an exciting puzzle game! If you are looking for a game for relaxing or killing time, you can consider it. This game is really worth trying and can help you eliminate all negative emotions in your body. Are you ready to take part in the game?

In Bubble Shooter, you will face many bubbles that are gradually falling. Your mission is to shoot them so that you can prevent them from falling. You need to find and match three bubbles together, but they must be bubbles of the same color. When combined, they will explode and be eliminated. You will win when you remove all bubbles in the game. In particular, the more bubbles you combine, the higher the score you get.

Some notes for you

Controls guide: You can use the mouse to aim and shoot in the Bubble Shooter game. Besides, they will bounce back when you shoot them to the wall. You can take advantage of this mechanism to aim at dangerous corners of the game to get points.

High score: the highest score the device can record during users' gameplay. Until you break your record, it won't change. In addition, Bubble Shooter provides Statistics, which shows you your personal achievements such as Bubbles cleared, Games played, Games won, Fewest Shots, Time played, and the number of balls you have cleared in each colour. If you pay attention to these indicators, you will probably be increasingly motivated to continue creating records in this ball-shooting game. Wish you happy gaming!

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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