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Onet Connect Classic

Welcome to Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic brings players to an interesting platform puzzle. Players match 2 identical images together to remove them from the board before time ends.

There are many attractive puzzle games like Suika Game or Blocks Puzzle Zoo that have received the attention and favour of gamers. However, today, we will introduce a new game that is equally attractive. And it's the Onet Connect Classic game!

Master Onet Connect Classic

Game rules

In this puzzle game, players will receive a board filled with shuffled images. Your task is to find similar images. Every two similar images, when combined properly, will disappear. Try to clear them all before the specified time runs out. Players need to remember that if there are any items blocking the way, you will not be able to combine them. To be able to master the game, you need to clearly understand the rules of how to play it. Don't worry, Onet Connect Classic has a detailed guide in the Game's Guide section. You can follow it.

Some notes when playing Onet Connect Classic

  • The game provides 3 game themes, which are animals, candies, and fruits. The rules of the game do not change, but the images in each theme will be different. No matter what game theme you like, Onet Connect Classic has it covered.
  • Besides, each level of the game will only last for a certain period of time. If you cannot complete the goal within the time allowed, the mission fails.
  • Players can use tips and hints to easily find solutions to problems in the game.