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Christmas Adventure

About Christmas Adventure

Christmas Adventure is an Interesting Journey with Santa. You need to collect balls and approach the exit doors while avoiding collections with dangers.

This is a game that is greatly focused on graphics. The images in the game are beautiful. This Christmas game leads you to an impressive journey where the pitfalls are waiting. Will you be caught by them, or will overcome them smartly?

Enjoy Christmas Adventure

Play the game

This Christmas game allows you to transform into Santa Claus, the main character of the journey. Looking at the trip, Santa was lost in a deserted forest of many Monsters. They can take your life at any time. Therefore, players need to be really careful not to become victims of these dangerous monsters. Move very smart so as not to be hit by buffaloes, avoid colliding with penguins when they practice flying, and the snowman will use their nose to attack you.

The game includes a total of 20 levels, and the difficulty of the levels increases gradually. But if you can conquer all levels, you will find your efforts worthy. Good luck!

How to Control

  • Use the arrow keys to move. In particular, you can jump up twice in a row to reach a higher height.
  • Try to collect as many balls as possible.
  • Occasionally, the accumulation of hearts is extremely necessary. It will help your journey last longer, giving you life.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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