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Cyber Chaser

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The battle in Cyber Chaser

Welcome to Cyber Chaser! Yes, this action game will not disappoint you with beautiful action scenes and thrilling battles. The battles in the game take place on the rooftops, where there are many obstacles and enemies. Either defeat them, or you will be eliminated.

Master the game

So, what do you need to do to win this game? With weapons in hand, you will shoot at monsters to kill them. As for obstacles, you just need to jump or slide to overcome spike traps or slide under barriers. When you get close to an enemy, the character will automatically shoot them, but you also need to consider whether to avoid them or not. In cases where the enemy cannot be destroyed, it is best to avoid it.

Control instructions

  • Press the up key or left click to jump. Click twice to double jump.
  • Press down the key or spacebar to slide.
  • Click the mouse + Spacebar to stomp the box.

Some notes when playing Cyber Chaser

  • Use keys collected during a stage to open containers. the larger a container is, the more useful its contents may be.
  • Collect the rescue box to restore your HP.
  • Cyber Chaser has many stages, and you can complete one stage to move to another when the progress bar is full.
  • Complete the daily tasks to receive many bonuses.
  • Upgrade your abilities to increase your strength: health, coin magnet, double jump, and weapon damage.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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