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Egg Farm

What is Egg Farm?

Egg Farm is a fun and cute animal farm. Join the game and eat as many eggs as possible. You will conquer levels when you collect enough eggs.

The game is for any user, but it will be especially suitable for children because the gameplay is very simple. Besides, the game's graphics are adorable, which will definitely be a factor that attracts attention and interest from children. Egg Farm also shows friendly and interesting emotions from the game characters. If you are looking for yourself or your children to play a game to relax, this would not be a bad suggestion!

Play Egg Farm on Unblocked Games 76

Guide to complete levels

Joining the game, you will control a cute but hungry dog. Break into Egg Farm and eat chicken eggs. Every time a chicken lays an egg, your task is to control your dog to eat all the eggs immediately. If you miss any eggs, you will lose a life. In addition, in this farm, there are many types of chickens, and they produce different types of eggs. To complete the goals in the game, you also need to understand each type of chicken as well as their abilities to choose and have reasonable strategies when playing the game.

Controls: Players use arrow keys to move left and right and eat eggs.

Some notes when playing Egg Farm

  • Grab Rainbow Chicken's eggs for special buffs.
  • Rapid-black chicken can release really fast.
  • Beware of Clown Chicken! It releases harmful objects.
  • At each level, you get 3 lives. If you run out of lives and you still haven't collected the required number of eggs, the mission will fail.
  • Except for Clown Chicken eggs, any egg that falls to the ground will cause you to lose a life.

Platform: Unblocked Games 76

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